16S / amplicon-seq

16S and 18S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequencing are common amplicon sequencing methods used to identify and compare bacteria or fungi present within a given sample. 16S and 18S sequencing are well-established methods for comparing sample phylogeny and taxonomy from complex microbiomes or environments that are difficult or impossible to study.

The TGC offers a flexible PCR amplicon sequencing workflow. We prepare 16S (V3 and V4 regions) and 18S sequencing libraries from genomic DNA and amplicon libraries from user-provided PCR amplicons.

For user-prepared PCR amplicons, the PCR primers must contain the following over-hang sequences:

Forward overhang: 5’ TCGTCGGCAGCGTCAGATGTGTATAAGAGACAG‐[locus‐specific sequence]

Reverse overhang: 5’ GTCTCGTGGGCTCGGAGATGTGTATAAGAGACAG‐[locus‐specific sequence]


For orders please read the samples delivery instructions, fill and send us the electronic sample sheet.

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