Initiated by Nobel Laureate Distinguished Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, the Technion’s Life Sciences & Engineering (LS&E) Interdisciplinary Research Center was established to bring together the best and most innovative researchers from diverse fields to search for answers to questions that require a combination of life sciences and engineering expertise.

As part of the LS&E Infrastructure Center since 2009, the Technion Genome Center (TGC) has poised itself at the forefront of next generation sequencing technology. We provide researchers from various disciplines with state of the art services for achieving cutting edge breakthroughs.

Our team includes PhDs specialized in genomics, dedicated bioinformaticians, and molecular biology specialists. We have a proven record of working together with researchers from a multitude of academic institutions throughout Israel as well as industry. In addition to next generation sequencing, the TGC team is happy to help researchers in designing experiments, preparing sequencing libraries, and providing initial bioinformatic analyses.

The mission of the TGC is to maintain and expand its role as Israel’s leading sequencing facility. In order to accomplish this, the TGC is continuously upgrading its state of the art equipment as new technology becomes available.