Illumina HiSeq 2500

We operate our HiSeq 2500 instrument around the clock.

The HiSeq 2500 sequencing system uses Illumina’s proven reversible terminator- based sequencing by synthesis chemistry. It can be operated in single or dual flow cell mode with independently-operable flow cells that allow applications requiring different read lengths to run simultaneously.

The HiSeq 2500 has cutting-edge scanning and imaging technology so clusters on both surfaces of the flow cell can be sequenced, increasing the number of reads, sequence output, and data generation rate.

The HiSeq2500 can run in two different modes: high output mode and rapid run mode.
In high output mode each run is conducted using an 8-lane flow cell, while in rapid run mode a new type of flow cell, containing only 2 lanes, is used.

High Output Run Mode V4

50~10 Gb2.5 days
2×100~20 Gb5 days
2×125~50 Gb6 days
Up to 2 billion single reads or 4 billion paired-end reads

Rapid Run Mode

2×50 ~25-30 Gb16 hr
2×100 ~50-60 Gb27 hr
2×150 ~75-90 Gb40 hr
2×250~125-150 Gb 60 hr

Up to 300 million single reads or 600 million paired-end reads