Workshops, Seminars and Training

Seminars and workshops

Seminar: NGS-Bioinformatics: How to analyze your own NGS data with the help of the TGC bioinformatics team, Karen Chait, TGC Bioinformatician,  Technion, Faculty of Biology, Auditorium, 27.11.2014

Seminar: Advanced applications of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) at the Technion Genome Center, Dr. Tal Katz-Ezov, Head of TGC,  Technion, Faculty of Biology, Auditorium, 20.11.2014

Seminar: working with TGC Galaxy server, Karen Chait, TGC Bioinformatician, April 2013

Workshop: Introduction to Galaxy – Bioinformatics Analysis of High throughput sequencing data at the TGC,  Karen Chait, TGC Bioinformatician,  17.6.2013, Seminars room 247, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering Technion, Haifa

Workshop: Emerging methods in high throughput sequencing (poster attached), December 11th 2012, Taub Auditorium 1, Faculty of computer sciences, Technion

Workshop: How to extract the most out of your HT-Seq data, Rachelly Normand, TGC Bioinformatician , May 8th 9:30 – 14:30 2012, Whizin Seminar room, first floor at the Biotechnology and Food Engineering Faculty

Academic Courses

Experimental Approaches in Nucleic Acids (Faculty of Biology, Technion. Course number: 138038).
Short syllabus: Experimental techniques and concepts that involve nucleic acids, and their implementation in research. The techniques used in the study of regulation, expression and function of individual genes, At the end of the course the student will be able to

  1. Apply experimental techniques involving nucliec acids including: cloning, measurement of mrna levels, mapping methylated CPG.
  2. Understand and know do genome-wide studies and analyze the results
  3. Understand the chip-seq method.

Book chapters

An introduction to high-throughput sequencing experiments: design and bioinformatics analysis, Methods Mol Biol. 2013;1038:1-26, Rachelly Normand and Itai Yanai