How to Submit Samples to the TGC

In order to ensure that your samples arrive intact to the TGC, please follow the sample submission guidelines detailed below. Incorrect sample preparation, packaging, or shipment can harm your samples and/or delay sample processing.

Sample submission requirements – concentration, volume, and quality:

  • If submitting samples for library preparation, please refer to the Sample Requirements table in order to determine the minimum desired concentration and volume*, as well as recommended RNA integrity or DNA purity**.

*When in doubt, it is always better to send a larger volume rather than less.
**If you are concerned about low input or low sample quality, then contact us.

  •  If submitting user-prepared libraries, please check the User-prepared Libraries page for concentration and volume requirements.

 When measuring sample concentration it is important to note the method of quantification (Qubit, NanoDrop, etc.). Please keep in mind that NanoDrop measurements often overestimate DNA and RNA concentrations. Thus, we recommend submitting larger volumes of samples measured by NanoDrop.

 Sample submission requirements – tube, labeling, packaging

 Tubes: Samples should be submitted in 0.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes. If 0.5 mL tubes are not available, then 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes are also acceptable. If submitting 8 or more samples, then samples should either be in microcentrifuge tubes or in PCR strips with individually attached caps.

 Labeling: Samples should be given simple, unique names that can be written clearly on the cap of a 0.5 mL microcentrifuge tube. One such method for simple, unique labeling is to combine the researcher’s initials and a 2-3 digit number. For example, John Smith might label his samples JS01, JS02, and JS03.

 ***DO NOT use names identical to previous experiments!***

 Packaging: In order to ensure that samples do not evaporate and arrive in intact microcentrifuge tubes:

    • Be sure to completely close the lid of each tube
    • Wrap each sample tightly with parafilm around the tube closure
    • Place all samples in a secondary container (such as a sealed plastic bag, 50mL conical tube, or empty tip box)
    • Place the secondary container* in the main package (for RNA, please provide plenty of dry ice)
    • Include a printed** Sample Submission Form or Library Submission Form with the samples.
      • We recommend sending the submission form by email prior to sending the samples, as well as including a printed form WITH samples to ensure proper sample identification upon delivery.                                                                                                    
      • Samples will not be processed until a proper submission form has been received.

*Samples MUST be in a secondary container! Sample tubes should NOT be in direct contact with wet or dry ice! 
**Ensure that sample names on form match sample names on tubes!

 Sample submission requirements – delivery   

Please ship samples (with Sample or Library Submission Form) to:
Tal Katz-Ezov
Emerson Building for Life Sciences, Room 2-4
Haifa 32000 Israel

 If you intend to deliver your samples yourself, please refer to this map of the Technion. We are located next to the Biology faculty in the Emerson Life Sciences building (labeled as “LS & E” on the map) on the second floor. Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 – 16:00. We recommend calling ahead to notify us of your intended arrival: 04-8295168.  


Emerson Building for Life Sciences
Technion, Haifa
Israel, 32000