User-prepared libraries

We also sequence libraries that were prepared elsewhere.
Library requirements:
Please submit at least 10ul of 2- 10nM library/ pool.  For sequencing more than one library per lane or MiSeq sequencing, please submit the samples as a pool.
If possible please submit Bioanalyzer or TapeStation results.

Please note that we use the standard illumina sequencing primers, and read 6bp single index read. If your libraries require different sequencing primers, please check with us for the primer’s availability or include custom primers when submitting your libraries. If you would like longer index reads or dual index reads please coordinate with us when submitting the libraries.
If your libraries have any special characteristics (low diversity, unbalance, poly A, etc.) please let us know! Informing us could be crucial for the success of the sequencing.

Click here for instructions for choosing appropriate indexed sequencing adapters