Spatial Transcriptomics

The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution measures total mRNA in intact tissue sections and maps the location(s) where gene activity is occurring. Each Visium Spatial Gene Expression Slide contains Capture Areas with gene expression spots that include primers required for capture and priming of poly-adenylated mRNA. Tissue sections placed on these Capture Areas are permeabilized and cellular mRNA is captured by the primers on the gene expression spots. All the cDNA generated from mRNA captured by primers on a specific spot share a common Spatial Barcode. Libraries are generated from the cDNA and sequenced and the Spatial Barcodes are used to associate the reads back to the tissue section images for spatial gene expression mapping.

Visium Tissue Preparation Guide (protocol)

Visium Tissue Preparation Guide (video)

Visium CytAssist FFPE Tissue Preparation Guide  (protocol)

Visium CytAssist for Fresh Frozen (FF) Preparation Guide (protocol)

Visium CytAssist for Fixed Frozen Preparation Guide (protocol)

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