DNA/RNA Quality and Quantity

The quality and quantity of DNA and RNA are essential factors in the success of genomic protocols. Each DNA or RNA sample is being analyzed in the center prior to the genomic experiment by TapeStation automated electrophoresis to determine the quality. In addition, we offer several methods for determining nucleotides acid concentration, such as Qubit Fluorometer, Picogreen dye.

RNA /DNA quality by Tape Station

TapeStation screen tapes parameters
High Sensitivity D5000D1000High-sensitivity D1000Genomic DNA RNAHigh -sensitivity RNA
Sizing range100-5000 bp35-1000 bp35-1000 bp200 to ˃60000 bp
Quantitative Range10-1000 pg/µL 0.1 - 50 ng/µL10-1000 pg/µL 10-100 ng/µL 25-500 ng/µL500-10000 pg/µL

RNA/DNA quantity (Qubit)
High-sensitivity DNA Broad range RNAHigh-sensitivity RNA
Quantification range*0.2-100 ng/ul20-1000 ng/ul5-100 ng/ul

For orders please read the samples delivery instruction, fill and send us the electronic sample sheet, according to the samples you want to check:

RNA/DNA quality and quantity: sample delivery instructions, electronic sample sheet


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DNA_RNA Quality and Quantity