Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial transcriptomics revolutionizes gene expression analysis by capturing spatial organization within intact tissue samples. It offers spatially resolved data at a single-cell level, revealing how these cells interact within complex tissue microenvironments.

At the TGC we offer two cutting-edge spatial transcriptomics platforms: The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution by 10X Genomics, which is based on and the CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager by Nanostring, which is based on.

  • 10x CytAssist Visium, based on NGS sequencing, enables precise and high-throughput capture of spatially resolved transcriptomics data from various tissue samples, including fresh-frozen sections, fixed tissues, and archived specimens.
  • Nanostring CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager, based on imaging technology, enables to quantify and image thousands of RNA and dozens of protein targets at single-cell and subcellular

Visium Tissue Preparation Guide (protocol)

Visium Tissue Preparation Guide (video)

Visium HD CytAssist FFPE Tissue Preparation Guide (protocol)

Visium HD Tissue Alignment Reference Card (protocol)

Visium HD Tested slides (protocol)

Visium CytAssist FFPE Tissue Preparation Guide  (protocol)

Visium CytAssist for Fresh Frozen (FF) Preparation Guide (protocol)

Visium CytAssist for Fixed Frozen Preparation Guide (protocol)

Sample Sectioning for the CosMx™ SMI (protocol)

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